About Us

Geospatial Technician Education-Unmanned Aircraft Systems

GeoTEd-UAS is supported by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) grant to develop and implement academic courses and pathways to prepare small UAS Operations Technicians (UASOT) to succeed in the emerging workforce.

The GeoTEd-UAS project has four major components:

  1. Conduct a DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) panel to assess and define the duties and tasks of a small UAS operations technician
  2. Develop curriculum and academic pathways at Virginia’s community colleges to prepare the future sUASOT workforce
  3. Train and mentor community college faculty to integrate sUAS into the curriculum and to develop academic pathways across the Commonwealth
  4. Recruit students for sUAS careers through scholarships, outreach, and career planning resources

GeoTEd-UAS Team

PI: Chris Carter
Deputy Director, Virginia Space Grant Consortium
Ph: 757-766-5210, cxcarter@odu.edu
Co-I: Dr. John McGee
Associate Professor and Virginia Geospatial Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech
Co-I: David Webb
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, John Tyler Community College and GeoTEd-UAS Consultant
Co-I: Chérie Aukland
Associate Professor and Program Head of GIS, Thomas Nelson Community College
Co-I: Fred Coeburn
Instructor, Mountain Empire Community College
Sr. Personnel: Daniel Cross
UAS/GIS Operator, Virginia Tech
Sr. Personnel: Scott Bellows, Ph.D.
Technical Programs Coordinator, Virginia Space Grant Consortium
External Evaluator: Beth Peery
Lead Research Assistant, Magnolia Consulting